Edna Shindinde is a freelance fashion stylist working both in Kyiv and Moscow.
Experienced in commercial, editorial and celebrity styling, Edna provides up—to—date services including art—direction to various clients, among which: Obrani, Katerina Kvit, T. Mosca, MIU Pijamas, Anabel Arto, Anais Bijouterie, Sergey Zhernov, Mamamusic (Nuangels, NIKITA, Olga Gorbacheva).
Currently contributing to L’Officiel Ukraine, Edna’s portfolio gathers publications in: L’Officiel Homme Ukraine, L’Officiel Online, Superior Magazine, DASH Magazine, Splendor Magazine, The Commission Magazine, HUF Magazine, Jute Magazine, Flanelle Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Domino Magazine, Megapolis Magazine, La De Da Magazine, Borealis Magazine and PROMO Magazine.
For booking and enquiries please email edna@shindinde.com